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28 Feb
The Biggest Retirement Fear - Daytime


Retirement – it may be in your near future or perhaps further out on the horizon. In either case, images come to mind as to what your retirement will look like. What does it mean to you? One definition is your ability to do what you want instead of what other people tell you to do. That may include travel, leaving the “rat race,” babysitting grandchildren, or any number of other desired activities. It also can create emotional responses such as anticipation and excitement.

But thinking and planning for retirement may also create fear. After all, it’s a major life change that can bring stress as well as benefits. You are leaving one “world” that is very familiar and transitioning to another “world” that is uncertain in many respects.

Join me for a discussion on the biggest retirement fear and suggestions on how to confront and manage that fear so that your vision of retirement isn’t only a dream.

Date and Time

Mon, Feb 28, 2022

12:00p - 12:45p EST




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